Alberta Bike Swap – May 13

Alberta Bike Swap, a non-profit organization, is putting on a bike swap in Edmonton on May 13 at Northlands EXPO centre. Need a bike or looking to sell one? Know someone who is looking to do the same? This is the event for you!

Alberta Bike Swap provides a valuable service by providing a safe place to buy or sell a bike, but that’s not all they do.  They are also a conduit for bike donations in Edmonton as well as providing funding for safe cycling as well.  Alberta Bike Swap donates half the profit back to the community, the other half stays in the bank to fund more bike swaps.  Please help us get the word out about this event!

Date: May 13
Location: Northlands EXPO Centre – Hall A
Bike drop-off: 8AM-2PM
Bike sale: 2:30PM-4PM

Contact Alberta Bike Swap

There’s lot’s of ways that you can get in contact with Alberta Bike Swap regarding this event or their other initiatives:

Twitter: @albertabikeswap
Facebook: albertabikeswap

Here’s a short video of Alberta Bike Swap’s Calgary event in 2014:

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