Jubilee Park building renovation proposal

Update: We are holding a community consultation meeting regarding the new Jubilee Park building. The purpose will be to gather requirements from the Beacon Heights community regarding the functionality and use of the new building. The meeting will take place at the Jubilee Park rink shack (43 Street and 121 Avenue) from 7-9PM. Refreshments will be provided.

With the loss of our long-standing community hall this spring, we approached an architect with a request to produce two plans to renovate the existing building at Jubilee Park, also known as the rink shack. The first plan was to keep the building’s footprint as is, but to renovate and modernize the interior, including the addition of accessible washrooms. The second plan would also include an interior renovation plus a ~50ft addition to include a large community room capable of hosting over 100 people.

We will soon be seeking consultation with the wider community, so that we may gather any additional requirements regarding the final floor plan and design. We will be posting the consultation dates as soon as we have them.

For now, here are a couple preliminary exterior plans of the new building plus the floor plan for the proposed extension. The original images are located inside the Jubilee Park rink shack opposite the concession stand. The concession is open from Tuesday to Saturday during the summer from noon to 5PM.

If you would like to provide feedback on the new building and current floor plans before the formal consultation process, please feel free to do so in the comments section on this page, Facebook, or email rink@beaconheightscl.ca.

2 thoughts on “Jubilee Park building renovation proposal”

  1. Who is in charge of the casino?

    I am your casino advisor and no one contacted me. I mailed my casino package in and no response.

    Please have the treasurer call me at

    Kind Regards
    Cheryl Favell

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