Survey Time!

To our loyal followers and members,

It is no secret that we here in the Community League are striving to better ourselves to serve our members in a way that is more deserving. We have made many efforts to getting new ideas and programs and projects underway in order to do so. The biggest project we have started is of course, the renovation of the building at Jubilee Park.
Known for over 50 years as the “rink shack”, this building has long served as a hub of our community. Countless minor hockey games and thousands upon thousands of hours of shiny and family skating have taken place here. For the last few years, this building has taken on another identity and that is the main centre for our Community League.
With the loss of our hall, we have lost revenue as well as a space to use for functions and gatherings. But our current board have done a tremendous job to creating a welcoming space at this “rink shack” for our events and programs.
We recognized that there is a need to improve this facility to fit the ever growing and changing needs of our members.
A few years ago, we casually asked members at a Family Day event what they would like to see in a building. The top 3 answers were “accessibility (washrooms and everything else) commercial kitchen and a larger space for programs”.

With this feedback, we searched and found an architect to come up with a design for a renovation. We presented this design at Community League day and asked again for more feedback. While we were pleased with the concept and ideas presented, we wanted more. We needed more. Not just for our board members, but for our community members as a whole. This neighbourhood has grown and changed over the 100+ years of its existence. We deserve a space that is truly our own and like us, one of a kind.
So what does this mean?
Well, we decided to get another idea. Another plan. And we need you, our amazing members, to once again speak up. Share your ideas and concerns. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and very welcome. We want to create a space deserving of the hard working people in Beacon Heights, Bergman and Abbottsfield.

Please take the following survey and give us that feedback. Or post it here. Share it with your friends and family in the area. The more feedback we get, the better picture we can create and share with an architect that wants to build for us a space that will be greatly enjoyed for generations to come.

Thank you all for your time in reading this post and taking the survey

Your President,
Chase Yaremchuk