Abundant Communities Edmonton (ACE)


Abundant Communities Edmonton has been developing in several communities throughout Edmonton – and other cities around Alberta, Canada, US and beyond are starting to pay attention!  We believe this is an opportunity create opportunities of friendliness, lower isolation, and enhance neighbourliness.  We know we want that in Beacon Heights!  We are looking for people who are interested in getting to know the neighbours on their block.  You will not be working alone – especially if knocking on a door intimidates you!  There can be more than one block connector on a block, and in multi-story apartment buildings, we are looking for connectors in each building.  Let’s build a better community!

Abundant Community Edmonton (ACE) is… a neighbourhood engagement and organizing framework with practical processes, and resources to facilitate the processes.  The City of Edmonton’s ACE framework encourages and enables people to increase neighbourliness where they live which leads to many benefits.

Key Roles

Neighbourhood Leadership

Leadership of ACE can come from anywhere from within the neighbourhood. The key requirements are the ability to engage in friendly conversations, having a passion for community, organizational skills and the ability to connect people with one another. An individual citizen or a neighbourhood organization (such as a community league or non-profit organization) can be the spark that ignites ACE At the neighbourhood level.

Block Connectors

A Block Connector is one or two people on the block who initiate connections and conversations with their neighbours. As the point person on the block, cul-de-sac or in an apartment/condo building, he or she acts as a leader to engage and encourage residents to meet their neighbours. They encourage and model neighbourliness by getting to know their neighbours, their vision, interests and abilities. They are the people who initiate the organizing of bock parties and other neighbour gatherings or social activities on the block.

Marie Simon, our Community Connector

Welcome to Marie Simon as our Community Connector!  A member of our neighbourhood for 7 years, she is excited to bring leadership to this project.   She is looking to connect with people on each block, finding block connectors. If you are willing to help host a block party, Marie would be delighted to hear from you and give you guidance on how to do it!  ace@beaconheightscl.ca