Meet the Board


Rob Robinson


A project manager by trade, this soft spoken quiet type has the skills to help our community grow in any direction. His dry sense of humour and ability to see the big picture are just a couple of the traits that make him suitable to lead our board. Rob has lived in Abbottsfield for about 5 years and has been involved in the community league since 2014. He enjoys the people on the board and finds it valuable to be in-the-know about what is happening in the community. We value his contributions to our team.


Corrie Godfrey

Vice-President | A/Newsletter Director

A working mother of two sweet, fiery redheads, Corrie has her hands full juggling multiple board positions as well as her life but she believes that community connections create a safe and happy lifestyle for her family. To help build the community, she’ll continue to pitch in however she can. She has been involved with the community league since 2014 and has found “the village” to be a lifesaver.


Crystal Vercholuk

Past-President | Memberships Director

A Beacon Heights gal through and through, Crystal has lived here most of her life. Balancing a life training school bus drivers with a busy family life and a strong sense of community spirit, Ms. Crystal has been integral as a driving force (pun intended) for improving our community. It is Crystal’s leadership and tireless efforts that we have to thank for the Jubilee Spray Park as well as the Vollema park renovation. Her goal now is to garner more involvement from community members and we all know that she will be successful.


Kellie Ewins


A brand new board member, Kellie is all about learning her new role and getting to know both how the league works and how she fits in with this wacky bunch. A mother of two young kiddos and a career keep Kellie hopping. A strong sense of justice, a tender heart and a commitment to the community make Kellie a welcome addition to our board.


Alicia Robinson


The newest member of our board, Alicia was willing to help out when we really needed someone to step-in and fill our vacant secretary position. With an educational background in political science, she is the perfect person to help us get organized. Welcome Alicia!


Mike Neary

Baseball Director

Mike has been hitting home runs as our baseball director since he joined the board a few years ago. A father of three rambunctious boys and a busy career as an esteemed cross country ski coach give Mike all the experience he needs to head up a growing baseball program. His work ethic and volunteer spirit is second to none. His main goal is to make baseball accessible to all kids in the community, to build their confidence, and to make sure they have a blast.


Amanda Harriman-Gojtan

Programs Director

Originally from Ontario, Amanda has lived in Beacon Heights for over a decade. Her way of making the community home was to pitch in, help, and to get to know people. She has received a number of well-deserved awards for her volunteer contributions through the years. She is the first to welcome new members and becomes an instant friend. She works hard to bring programming to our community that allow our members to meet their neighbours, have fun, and feel included.


Theresa Yaremchuk

Assistant Programs Director

It is with open arms that we welcome this lovely, hard-working lady to our board. As a mother of two and a wife to our rink director, Chase, she has her hands full but she still makes time to help whenever help is needed. When she is not helping with programs and events, and attending community meetings, she can be found completing tasks like organizing our storage room – not a fun job – poor thing. We appreciate it more than you know.


Paul Bovis

Website Director

A meteorologist by day and a techy by night, this father of two has recently discovered the value of putting down roots in the community and building relationships with other community members and organizations. New to our board this year, Paul has been making our web presence easier to navigate.


Chase Yaremchuk

Rink Director

This boy is all heart! Community raised and a current resident, he decided that it was time to give back and to make the community better for his sweet daughters. Chase has served on the board as our rink director for the past two terms. A glazier by trade, he is never shy to lend a knowledgable helping hand and has worked tirelessly to improve our rink building.


Colleen McCullough

BRZ Representative

Colleen felt like part of our community before she even lived here. She comes from northern Alberta rural roots. Once in the city soon discovered Community Leagues and has been a volunteer for over two decades. The strength of this community with its’ small town feel and roots is what attracted her here. You might not recognize Colleen without her camera as she can always be found taking pictures at community events and programs. Colleen serves on our board as a link between us and the business community.


Roy Vollema

Civics Director

With a kind, quiet way about him and a wicked sense of humour, Roy has made huge contributions to our community as a volunteer, a neighbour, and a board member. He worked tirelessly on the committees that brought us Jubilee Spray Park and Vollema Park. His understanding of permits and construction projects make him perfect for the civics role. As a long-time Beacon Heights resident, his work ethic and community spirit make him a community gem.


Pat Moffitt

Senior’s Liaison

A true beacon – pun intended – of community spirit, Pat lights up the community with her kindness, commitment, and volunteer spirit. She has lived in the community for decades. She raised her family here and not only did she coach hockey and softball for years, she has also served on the board in several positions. She is now focused on creating inclusive seniors programming that makes a difference to both the community and to the lives of participants. The snow program that she puts together is a life-saver for those who rely on it. We are truly lucky to have Pat on our team.