Jubilee Park building renovation proposal

With the loss of our long-standing community hall this spring, we approached an architect with a request to produce two plans to renovate the existing building at Jubilee Park, also known as the rink shack. The first plan was to keep the building’s footprint as is, but to renovate and modernize the interior, including the addition of accessible washrooms. The second plan would also include an interior renovation plus a ~50ft addition to include a large community room capable of hosting over 100 people. Continue reading Jubilee Park building renovation proposal

Beverly Memorial Cenotaph Re-dedication

The Beverly Memorial Cenotaph and park have had a major renovation done over the past year and it is finally complete! This Saturday, June 24, our Queens Representative, Alberta Lt. Governor Lois Mitchell, will be rededicating Alberta’s oldest Memorial Cenotaph and we invite the community to join us. Continue reading Beverly Memorial Cenotaph Re-dedication