The Beacon Heights Community League helps to build a strong, diverse and proactive community by acknowledging and responding to the needs of our members and residents.

  • We own and maintain the outdoor skating rink and community building at Jubilee Park.
  • We work to provide recreation, art, social and educational programs and opportunities.
  • We organize, coach, and host and children’s baseball programs, Green Shack playground programs, and seniors programming and more.
  • We partner with other local organizations to support provide health and wellness opportunities and social events within our community.
  • We provide indoor change facilities, washroom access, and concession during July and August for playground and spray park users and through the winter months for skaters and hockey players.
  • We organize fun inclusive events throughout the year.

What are our current big projects?

  • Rink Building Renovations and expansion
  • Abundant Communities Initiative

Where do we get our funding?

The Beacon Heights Community League has several sources of funding for different initiatives and projects.

  • Our annual membership drive is an important fundraiser. Having a large number of members helps us obtain more external funding.  Membership fees help to offset the cost of community programs.
  • We apply for grants through the City of Edmonton, the Province of Alberta and the Government of Canada.
  • We host a casino every two years that is operated by our volunteers.  This fundraising initiative provides the bulk of our funds for our operating budget.
  • Fees from the sports teams assist in the cost of sports, such as uniforms, umpire fees, coaching clinics, etc.
  • Raffle tickets, Grey Cup Pool tickets, etc.

How do I find out what is happening in the community?

  • Walk about and visit with neighbours.
  • Get to know those who live on your block.
  • Attend community events.
  • Join the Beacon Heights Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.