Jubilee Park Cleanup


On May 26th, the Beacon Heights Community league hosted an event that brought members of the community together and help clean up Jubilee Park for the upcoming summer months. Jubilee Park is the most active park in our community so it was amazing to see so many volunteers get together to help clean up the park and enjoy the great weather. The community league then held a BBQ afterwards to appreciate the efforts of the volunteers. With the efforts of our members, we continue to have a strong and vibrant community

Beacon Heights Community League Casino Needs You!

Why should you volunteer to help the community league raise money at their upcoming casino July 12 & 13?

If you value:
❤️ Beacon outdoor rink
❤️ Jubilee spray park & concession
❤️ the Green Shack
❤️ Community Coffee
❤️ Beacon Baseball
❤️ Men’s Shed
❤️ Recreation & Social Programs
❤️ Day camps in our neighborhood
❤️ Community Safety

Sign up here: https://signup.com/login/entry/546985756879982089

Help raise over $70,000 for your community league whose mission is to enhance the quality of life in Beacon Heights, Bergman and Abbottsfield.

Any questions, you can reach our casino director at casino@beaconheightscl.ca

Jubilee Park building renovation proposal

Update: We are holding a community consultation meeting regarding the new Jubilee Park building. The purpose will be to gather requirements from the Beacon Heights community regarding the functionality and use of the new building. The meeting will take place at the Jubilee Park rink shack (43 Street and 121 Avenue) from 7-9PM. Refreshments will be provided. Continue reading Jubilee Park building renovation proposal