Jubilee Park Geological Assessment

Over the past few years, the community league has identified and monitored some settlement in the south/central area of Jubilee Park and has been working with the City of Edmonton to assess the area.

The City of Edmonton has retained the specialist geotechnical engineering firm WSP Environment & Infrastructure Canada Ltd. (WSP) to undertake a geotechnical assessment to identify the possible cause or causes of the settling area in the south central portion of Jubilee Park. Once the reason for the settlement is determined, suitable repair options will be identified by WSP to return the area to conditions similar to what they were before the settlement occurred.

The site investigation will include drilling a series of boreholes in the southern portion of Jubilee Park. Drilling is tentatively scheduled to occur in February 2024. Note that the exact dates of the field drilling are still to be determined and that the Community League will be notified of the actual dates once finalized by WSP. Once the field work commences, we ask that residents obey all signage and barricades on site and stay outside the work area when WSP is on site completing the field work.

Residents can forward any questions or concerns they may have to [email protected] for forwarding to the City of Edmonton.

We will provide updates as schedule and project info becomes available to us.